Sr. Software Engineer(s)

San Jose, CA

Please contact Shankar Subramaniam

You will

  • Be responsible for leading the design and development of our proprietary data analytics platform

  • Lead the architecture and design of Concentrics proprietary real time streaming big data analytics platform

  • Architect, design, develop, code and test the ingestion of data into Concentrics proprietary platform

  • Review peer engineer design and code to ensure quality, and mentor junior engineers in sound design and development best practices

You have

  • A master’s degree, or foreign equivalent in CS, CE, IT, SW Eng or related field, and two (2) years, experience as a Software Engineer/Developer; IT Analyst/ Engineer, or related field. 

  • Must have professional experience with

  • Languages: C or C++ or JAVA;

  • Databases: SQL Server or Oracle or DB2 or COBOL; and

  • Operating Systems: Windows or UNIX or LINUX.

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