Concentric Semantic Intelligence™

Data exposure prevention for unstructured data

No Rules. No Regex. Pure Data Protection.

MIND deep learning as-a-service with risk-distance technology identifies more of your data, spots and remediates without complex rules or pattern matching.

The end user / IT data security disconnect
End user activity
IT security concerns

Create a confidential "services agreement" doc and classify it as “public”

  • What specific documents have been created, modified and shared?

  • Are documents correctly classified?

Download a "contract" from SharePoint, modify it, upload it to Box, share with third parties

  • Are sensitive documents shared inappropriately with third parties?

  • Are documents with PII or other regulated information being shared?

  • Where are content copies or variants?

Create a highly sensitive document, store it in a “public” folder

  • Which high value documents are being shared with everyone because they are in the wrong location?

User gets compromised

  • What data did the attacker access?

  • Did the user have access to data she should not have? Did the attacker access that data?

User shares "design doc" with personal email account

  • What are the sensitive documents that any user in my company has shared with their personal email account?

  • How do I get a surgical list of only the biz critical data she may have shared in this manner vs. benign content?

Why Concentric Semantic Intelligence

Inventory business critical assets with MIND deep learning-as-a-service

  • Thematic category-oriented view of contracts, design document, source code, PII/PCI and more

  • Community-identified categories create data models for even highly-specialized data types

  • Autonomous, continuous operation

Risk-distance technology protects data without overhead

  • Compare documents with peers in the same category to identify risk form oversharing, third party access, wrong location, misclassification 

  • Benefit from the expertise of content owners without intrusive classification mandates

  • No rules, regex or policy maintenance needed

​Remediate risky sharing or wrong storage locations

  • Risk-distance technology autonomously identifies inconsistencies in sharing permissions and non-standard locations

  • Effective against both internal and external oversharing with third parties

  • Remediate risk by fixing erroneous entitlements, moving data to the right location, or integrating with existing security infrastructure

Identify risky sharing from lateral movement of data across stores

  • Autonomously identify content variants across data stores - O365, Box, Drive, GDrive, S3, Windows file shares

  • Spot sharing inconsistencies between content variants

  • Fix entitlement permissions and remediate risk

Resolve data loss due to misclassification 

  • Autonomously identify document types

  • Risk-distance identifies misclassification based on peer document practices

  • Automatically assign the right classification labels to remediate issues

All this without  rules, regex or complex upfront  policy

Complete understanding and semantic mapping of structured and unstructured data

Risk-distance technology taps the wisdom of your users to deliver a risk-based view into all enterprise data

Autonomous and continuous, not just a one-time scan

Secure, SaaS solution, API based, no agents

Source Code
Income & Booking
Design Docs
Revenue Forecast
Tax Filings
Stock Agreement
Purchase Agreement
Test Plans
Bill of Materials
Consulting Agreement
Offer Letter
PII/PCI ......


Fortune 1000 High Tech Company Implements Concentric to secure business critical documents

High Tech company with a cloud first posture reduces risk of oversharing.  Protects business critical IP and other documents.


Concentric Semantic Intelligence™

Datasheet highlights the unique capabilities of Concentric's Semantic Intelligence™ solution, including Concentric MIND and our innovative risk-distance technology.


Fund Implements Concentric to satisfy Information Wall requirement for Compliance

Hedge Fund overcomes their unsustainable task of maintaining information wall requirements  by leveraging  Concentric Semantic Intelligence