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Concentric Semantic Intelligence™

Data access governance for your structured and unstructured data

No Rules. No Regex. Pure Data Protection.

Risk Distance™ analysis identifies more of your data, remediates risk and defends against ransomware without complex rules or pattern matching.

The end user / IT data security disconnect
End user activity
IT security concerns

Create a confidential "services agreement" doc and classify it as “public”

  • What specific documents have been created, modified and shared?

  • Are documents correctly classified?

Download a "contract" from SharePoint, modify it, upload it to Box, share with third parties

  • Are sensitive documents shared inappropriately with third parties?

  • Are documents with PII or other regulated information being shared?

  • Where are content copies or variants?

Create a highly sensitive document, store it in a “public” folder

  • Which high value documents are being shared with everyone because they are in the wrong location?

User gets compromised

  • What data did the attacker access?

  • Did the user have access to data she should not have? Did the attacker access that data?

  • Is a ransomware attack in progress?

User shares "design doc" with personal email account

  • What are the sensitive documents that any user in my company has shared with their personal email account?

  • How do I get a surgical list of only the biz critical data she may have shared in this manner vs. benign content?


Concentric Semantic Intelligence Modules

Data Discovery and Classification

Discover all business critical data -  from contracts to PII/customer data to intellectual property, classify it centrally -  without rules or end user involvement

Data Risk Monitoring

Autonomously monitor risk to sensitive data from permissions violations to ransomware activity to data variants in the wrong location - without rules, regex or upfront policies

Centralized Risk Remediation

Remediate issues centrally - from fixing classification issues to permissions to location to deleting redundant data

Why Concentric Semantic Intelligence

Inventory business critical assets with MIND deep learning-as-a-service

  • Thematic category-oriented view of contracts, design document, source code, PII/PCI and more

  • Community-identified categories create data models for even highly-specialized data types

  • Autonomous, continuous operation


Risk Distance analysis protects data without overhead

  • Compare documents with peers in the same category to identify risk from oversharing, third party access, wrong location, misclassification 

  • Benefit from the expertise of content owners without intrusive classification mandates

  • No rules, regex or policy maintenance needed

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​Remediate risky sharing or wrong storage locations

  • Risk-distance technology autonomously identifies inconsistencies in sharing permissions and non-standard locations

  • Effective against both internal and external oversharing with third parties

  • Remediate risk by fixing erroneous entitlements, moving data to the right location, or integrating with existing security infrastructure

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Defend against ransomware

  • Prepare for attacks with least-privileges access control

  • Spots at-risk accounts and notifies security professionals

  • Analyze attack impacts with full visibility into affected content

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Resolve data loss due to misclassification 

  • Autonomously identify document types

  • Risk Distance analysis identifies misclassification based on peer document practices

  • Automatically assign the right classification labels to remediate issues


All this without  rules, regex or complex upfront  policy

How It Works

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Deep Learning  (used as a form of advanced Natural Language Processing) reveals document meaning and builds thematic, category level views to discover your business-critical data.

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Autonomously surfaces high risk data with Risk Distance analysis that uses peer security practices to spot outliers.


Natively remediates risk by fixing issues that put business critical data at risk. Integrates with CASB and DLP tools to improve efficacy and fix issues.

Why It's Different

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Complete understanding and semantic mapping of structured and unstructured data

Risk Distance analysis taps the wisdom of your users to deliver a risk-based view into all enterprise data

No rules, no regex and no end-user involvement

Autonomous and continuous, not just a one-time scan

Secure, SaaS solution, API based, no agents

Concentric MIND Accurately Identifies Specific Business-Critical Data Categories

Source Code
Income & Booking
Design Docs
Revenue Forecast
Tax Filings
Stock Agreement
Purchase Agreement
Test Plans
Bill of Materials
Consulting Agreement
Offer Letter
PII/PCI ......

Autonomous Data Risk Profiles

User access permissions incorrectly set
Improper sharing with external, third parties
Risky sharing with internal users/groups
Sensitive documents misclassified as not sensitive
PII in documents that have not been classified
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