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What’s new in the Army’s data strategy? Security

Andrew Eversden,, Oct 18th, 2019

The U.S. Army’s forthcoming data strategy will be declarative about security. According to Lt. Gen. Bruce Crawford, the Army’s chief information officer, the previous approach from 2016 was less informative about the significance of data security. He says, “If you don’t implement the data strategy first, just think about what we’re going to be moving into the cloud. Probably not the right things.”  Article

The Importance of Training: Cybersecurity Awareness like a Human Firewall

Remesh Ramachandran,, Oct 15th, 2019

The epidemic of cybersecurity threats is so apparent that an enterprise cannot afford to overlook the significance of employee training for threats and cybersecurity best practices. Remesh Ramachandran discusses the importance of the preparedness of an enterprise or its employees against highly skilled hackers, criminals that aim to steal its data. Article

Momentum Cyber + Optiv Security: 2019 Security Technology Spend Insights Report

Dino Boukouris, LinkedIn Pulse, Sept 12, 2019

What are the areas to watch when it comes to spending on security technology? Dino Boukouris dives deep to find out key focus areas and investment priorities of Cybersecurity teams across the globe. Discover the top five technology spending trends and technology areas to watch with insights on the change in spending, key drivers of change, strategic activity, and a future outlook.  Article

Data Security in Cloud Computing: Who’s in Charge?

Arawan Gajajiva,, Aug 6, 2019

The real question for businesses isn’t, “How secure is my data in the cloud?”, but rather, “Am I using the cloud securely?”. Majority of cloud providers have cloud security solutions and measures to help safeguard enterprise cloud data. But knowing what security measures your business needs and the steps you need to follow to keep your business data secure ultimately still falls with you.  Article

Protecting data in an increasingly insecure world

Myles Suer, Contributor, July 10, 2019

Should CIOs be focused on creating better fortresses? Or securing data and whom can access it?  Myles Suer takes a holistic view into Data Security in an increasingly distributed, cloud enabled world. He closes it out with a list of 10 things that should immediately make the CIOs investment list for data protection.  Article

Data Hackers ‘Have the Advantage’ as the World Scrambles to Stop Them

Lauren Rublin,, July 03, 2019

“Attackers have the advantage,” says Katheryn Rosen, a senior research scholar at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. According to Katheryn, this problem will only worsen as the looming rollout of the Industrial Internet of Things, or digitally connected factories and supply chains will create “a vast open surface area” where hackers can find an easy entry.  Article

Three ways security is compromised on the cloud

Kelsey Reichman, Fifth Domain, July 2, 2019

Cloud data sharing and storage services are expanding rapidly; cloud security, however, is not improving at the same pace.  This article features Symantec’s Cloud Security Threat Report (CSTR), released June 24, which finds that while 53 percent of respondents reported workloads moving to cloud applications, 54 percent said their security practices have not kept up at the same rate. Article

Only 36% of organizations can enforce data loss prevention in Cloud

IANS, GadgetsNow, June 19, 2019

Only 36 per cent organizations said they could enforce data loss prevention in the Cloud and 33 per cent said they could control the collaboration settings that determine how their data is shared, a report by global cyber security firm McAfee. Article

The empty promise of data moats

Martin Casado and Peter Lauten, Andreessen Horowitz, May 9, 2019

Martin and Peter posit that for AI based enterprise products the benefits of more data and network effects taper off.  They state a better strategy is to think holistically about data, develop a deep understanding of the domain and reflect that in the product.  Article

Cyber Security threats may be the biggest threat to the financial system

Julia LaRoche, Yahoo Finance, Apr. 4 2019

Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase singles out cyber security as the greatest threat to the US financial system.  Article

Data Privacy and Data Security, what's the difference?

Karen Schwartz, IT Pro Today, May 2, 2019

This article examines the interrelationship and differences between Data Privacy and Data Security and recommends that both must be addressed differently but holistically. Article

Data Security is top business use case for AI and ML

Jakub Lewkowicz, SD Times, May 20, 2019

Data from a study published by TIBCO shows that data security is the top business use case for AI and ML. Article

Data Security is now a top concern for IT leaders

Lance Whitney, Tech Republic, March 26, 2019

A poll of 1000 IT decision makers shows that 47% rate data security as their top concern.  Article

Don't acquire a company until you evaluate its data security

Chirantan Chatterjee and Daniel Sokol, Harvard Business Review, April 16, 2019

When an acquiring company is not aware of the target's strength of its cybersecurity and its compliance with data privacy regulation it puts itself at great financial risk.  The article also lists some processes that can be put in place to surface this risk earlier during due diligence, rather than post acquisition.  Article