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October 7 2021 Concentric Integrates AI-Powered Data-centric Monitoring and Protection with Box

September 8 2021 Global AIFinTech100 Recognizes Concentric for its Unique Use of Artificial Intelligence to Protect Business-Critical Data for Financial Services Firms

August 12 2021 Concentric Ransomware Module Extends Data Governance Solution to Limit Exposure, Detect Attacks in Progress, and Improve Recovery

June 29 2021 Concentric Wins Top Startup of the Year Award in 16th Annual IT World Awards Program

June 23 2021 Latest Industry Data Risk Report from Concentric Shows 450 Percent Increase in Oversharing of Sensitive Documents Over the Past Year

May 17 2021 Concentric Named Winner of Coveted Global InfoSec Award During RSA Conference 2021

April 5 2021 Concentric Named SC Media 2021 Excellence Award Finalist for Rookie Security Company of the Year

March 28 2021 Concentric Named Winner of Business Intelligence Group’s 2021 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award

Feb 11 2021 Concentric Extends Industry’s Most Comprehensive Zero Trust Data Access Governance Solution With Unique User-Oriented View Into Risk and Activity

Nov 12 2020 Concentric Resolves Unaddressed Data Security Threats with Industry’s First AI-based Data Access Governance Solution

Nov 9 2020 Concentric Named CRN Tech Innovator Finalist for Data Security

Oct 21 2020 Concentric Semantic Intelligence Earns 2020 Cloud Computing Excellence Award for Innovative Cloud Security Solution

Sep 23 2020 Concentric Semantic Intelligence Earns 2020 Cloud Computing Security Excellence Award

Sep 23 2020 Concentric Semantic Intelligence Named Industry's Most Innovative Product of 2020

Aug 5 2020 Concentric recognized as Top 100 cyber security startup

July 29 2020 Company Nurse selects Concentric for data protection and risk mitigation

July 20 2020 CRN Recognizes Concentric on 2020 Emerging Vendors List

July 14 2020 Concentric Extends Data Protection Coverage Across Widening Range of Industries and Functions with Launch of MIND Deep Learning-as-a-Service Data Security Solution

June 16 2020 Concentric welcomes  Heidi Shey, Forrester Research to Provide Best Practices for Risk Mitigation, Data Governance and Compliance and Privacy

June 11 2020 Concentric releases Q2 2020 Data Risk Report, showing sharp increase in oversharing of sensitive documents during transition to work-from-home

Jan 29 2020 Concentric comes out of stealth to Stop the Threat of Unprotected and Overshared Business-Critical Data 

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ROUNDTABLE: Mayorkas’ 60-day cybersecurity sprints win support; also a prove-it-to-me response

Byron Acohido

The Last Watchdog

Apr 8, 2021

Massive Data Breach Exposes Intel’s Intellectual Property for Its Flagship CPUs and SpaceX Sensors

Alicia Hope

CPO Magazine

Oct 1, 2020

Another example of a data breach involving intellectual property and an insider
Industry leaders , including Concentric's Madhu Shashanka argue for the need to embed ethics in AI and what entails

Byron Acohido

The Last Watchdog

Aug 27, 2020

Byron Acohido from Last Watchdog gathered thoughts from industry leaders on the implications of AI and societal implications. His conclusion - Those in power fully recognize how AI can be leveraged to preserve status-quo political and economic systems, with all of its built-in flaws, more or less intact. Conversely, consumer advocates and diversity experts can see how AI could be utilized to redistribute political power more equitably, and in doing so, recalibrate society – including blunting systemic racism.
The CISO Current Report, Q2 2020

YL Ventures Staff

The CISO Current

Jun 30, 2020

Highlighting the industry need for more accurate and effective data categorization, the report notes that "of those that cited data exfiltration as their main concern, 47% stated that it will remain so as long as remote work continues at its current scale."
Six need-to-know takeaways from the Verizon breach report

Bradley Barth

SC magazine

May 19, 2020

Bradley Barth, Senior Reporter from SCMagazine publishes his 6 essential takeways from the 2020 Verison databreach investigations report. This report analyses real world findings to publish the causes of data breaches, trends and the primary risk factors that enterprises need to concern themselves with to mitigate and prevent data loss. Bradley distils the 78 page report into 6 findings that every IT security practitioner must take away from it
Work from home, phase 2: What comes next for security?

Jon Oltsik

CSO Online

Apr 16, 2020

Phase 1 was all about employee access, network communications confidentiality/integrity, and basic endpoint security. The next phases will move quickly from risk assessment to mitigation.
Insider Threat - Blast Radius Perspective

Phil Venables

Phil Venables blog

Oct 10, 2020

The always insightful Phil Venables on how to think about insider threats and the risk blast radius. Interesting perspective on privileged access and how to think about reducing blast radius from potentially anomalous events
COVID-19 is shattering cyberattack records

Samantha Ann Schwartz


Aug 12, 2020

Eight months since the pandemic reached the United States, malicious actors are leveraging the U.S.'s uncoordinated national response to the pandemic to craft cyberattacks.
Karthik Krishnan Weighs in on Twitter Hack

Byron V. Acohido

The Last Watchdog

Jul 20, 2020

Last Watchdog gathered observations from a roundtable of cybersecurity thought leaders. The hackers insinuated their way deep into Twitter’s internal system. They were able to get into a position from which they could access some 350 million Twitter accounts, including numerous accounts of the rich and famous.
Pandemic Fallout Creates Perfect Conditions For Insider Threat

Joseph Blankenship


Jun 16, 2020

Organizations around the world have moved quickly to deal with COVID-19, sending users to work from home, reducing staff, and taking other cost-control actions. While these steps are necessary, they combine to create ideal conditions for insider threat.
FBI Official Says Cyber Crime Reports Quadrupled during COVID-19 Pandemic

Water ISAC

Jun 30, 2020

Speaking in an online panel last week, FBI Deputy Assistant Director Tonya Ugoretz said the number of cyber crime reports received by the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has quadrupled compared to months before the pandemic.
Pandemic Fallout Creates Perfect Conditions for Insider Threat

Joseph Blankenship


Apr 15, 2020

Organizations around the world have moved quickly to deal with COVID-19, sending users to work from home, reducing staff, and taking other cost-control actions. While these steps are necessary, they combine to create ideal conditions for insider threat.