Data Security during a time of Remote Work and Increased virtual collaboration

Here is how we can be of help

Deep Learn and Protect

your business critical data

Concentric Semantic Intelligence

Deep Learning to discover, monitor and remediate risks to sensitive data on-premises and in the cloud


A deeper look at deep learning

Your business critical data is at risk

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Business critical data
spans the gamut - from contracts to design docs to financial data to source code to PII
80% of this data is unstructured
Your data is everywhere -
On premises and cloud

Existing rule-based approaches & relying on end users can't handle modern data complexity. 

You can't protect what you don't know.

Concentric Semantic Intelligence

Identify Business Critical Data

Semantic Intelligence technology deep learns the meaning behind the data to identify ALL your business critical data.  Provides a thematic, category oriented view based on a context driven understanding

Autonomous Business Risk

Self-derived assessment of risk to data using a patent pending model based on factors such as content sensitivity, classification, entitlement and sharing permissions.  No upfront policies needed.

Monitor and Protect

Reduce risk to high value data using native remediation capabilities or integrate with third party data protection tools.  Continuously monitor for risk as the information changes or new data is created

No Policies, No Rules, No RegEx and No Upfront Configuration


What our customers say


"Concentric is an essential part of our data security portfolio. We use it to identify all our business-critical data – product documentation, finance reports, contracts etc. Legacy solutions don’t work autonomously, and we’re forced to review flagged documents and fix security violations manually. Concentric gives us a critical layer of data security intelligence on top of the data protection solutions we already use"

Sreeni Kancharla, CISO, Cadence Design Systems


The Concentric Story

Use Cases

Data Categorization, Classification & Risk Remediation

Categorize documents by deep learning the meaning of documents.  Leverage thematic understanding to auto-classify documents.  Automatically surface high risk documents.  Remediate risk, protect data.

Data Governance

Autonomously enforce regulatory requirements such as virtual information walls by identifying unauthorized or improper sharing of sensitive documents between the various users and groups. 

Cloud Migration

Safely onboard to the cloud by comprehensively identifying business critical content.  Reduce business risk through appropriate controls on highly sensitive content moving to cloud & already in the cloud.


Automatically categorize documents with PII into thematic categories.  Automate hard to fulfill mandates such as the Right to Know and Right be Forgotten by knowing the context behind the PII.

Here is how we can be of help

Why Concentric Semantic Intelligence

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Automatically deep learn and surface ALL sensitive documents

Surface high risk data and remediate with ease, reduce loss of sensitive data

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No rules or complex policies

No end user inputs

Unstructured data of any type

On-premises & in the cloud

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