Data Loss Prevention

DLP is the art of understanding your data. Concentric's deep data insights help you build a better solution - without adding to your overhead.

  • No rules, no regex, no complex policies

  • Autonomous and unsupervised (no training required)

  • Reduce risk to data due to compromised users, careless employees and insiders

  • Understand the meaning of your content

  • View data in thematic categories

  • Get the insights you need to find business-critical data


Data Risk

  • Spot high risk data

  • Continuously monitor changes and additions

  • Leverage the wisdom of your users to spot inappropriate collaboration

Prevent data loss

  • Automated classification

  • Easily adjust entitlements or access control from within the tool

  • Integrate with third party data protection solutions

Real-World Protection

Risky behavior

Lateral data movement 

User downloads a document from SharePoint, modifies it, upload it to Box, link-share with third parties who should not have access to it 

Business critical data in the  wrong location

User creates a highly sensitive document, store it in a “public” folder

Misclassification of sensitive content

User creates a confidential master services agreement and classifies it as “public”

Inappropriate sharing inside the company or with third parties

User shares design doc with personal email account

What Concentric can do
  • Identify document sensitivity. Does it contain PII/other regulated information?

  • Spot related risk. What other documents were shared inappropriately?

  • Identify the blast radius. Have other copies/modifications been shared elsewhere?

  • Determine business criticality. What does the document contain?

  • Assess risk level. Should the document be shared?

  • Identify scope of loss. Have attackers accessed the data? Did internal users have access to data they should not have?

  • Find email sharing risks. What are the sensitive documents have been shared via personal email accounts?

  • Focus your response. Get a list of only the relevant business-critical data that's been shared.


Why Concentric Semantic Intelligence™

Surface high risk data and remediate with ease

Monitor sensitive data for inaccurate classification, inappropriate collaboration and other risks. Remediate with ease.  

Unstructured data of any type and in any location - on-premises or in the cloud

Office files, G-Suite, PDFs, Source Code, text documents and more. Windows file shares and cloud storage services like OneDrive, SharePoint, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure and more.

Automatically Deep Learn and Surface Business Critical Documents

For unstructured documents, meaning reveals sensitivity.  Concentric Semantic Intelligence deep learns the content and context of your data to find your most valuable assets - intellectual property, financial reports, business confidential information, PII/PCI data and more.

No rules, no need for end-user classification

Does not require any rules, regex, complex upfront policies or end user inputs.

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