Privacy Data Risk Monitoring and Protection

Easily fulfill DSAR, breach notification and deletion requests, monitor risk on customer PII data and remediate issues

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Discover PII with deep context

Discover PII data with deep and specific context such as PII in NDA, PII in Loan Application, PII in Legal docs, PII in Marketing Lists etc

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Satisfy right to know and right to delete mandates

PII with deep context automates the ability to satisfy right to know and right to delete mandates. Prevent accidental deletion of must preserve docs


Privacy Risk Monitoring and Remediation

Identify risks to customer PII data such as inappropriate access, activity etc. Remediate issues by appropriately classifying PII/customer data and remediating risk by fixing issues such as access privilege issues, risky activity or wrong location 

Why Concentric Semantic Intelligence

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Auto Discover customer PII data with context 

Concentric Semantic Intelligence discovers PII within data in conjunction with deep learning the meaning or import behind those documents. Concentric identifies PII in documents with context - PII in sales, marketing, legal, product docs...

No Rules, No User Provided Data

Risk Distance™ analysis monitors risk to customer PII data without requiring any rules, regex, complex upfront policies or user inputs 

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For Data On-Premises & In The Cloud

Data can be on file shares or databases on-premises or in the cloud. Support for Windows file shares, MSSQL, OneDrive, SharePoint, Google Drive, Box, Amazon S3 and more

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Data Privacy

Concentric Semantic Intelligence helps discover, identify and remediate risks to PII data and satisfy privacy regulations.


451 Research on Data Access Governance

Paige Bartley from 451 Research considers Concentric and our data access governance solution - free report download

What our customers say


"GDPR / CCPA reviews are top of mind for our company. Your solution helps me with satisfying right to know and right to be forgotten mandates."

CISO, Large Technology Company

Large Technology Company