Satisfy Data Governance mandates such as Information Walls

Ensure regulatory compliance by enforcing appropriate access rights without relying on rigid, inadequate rules and careless end users 

Identify all biz critical data 

Content and Context based identification of all business critical data - Financial, Biz Confidential, IP, PII/PCI.  Thematic category based views.  


monitor access previledges

Surface high risk data through continuous monitoring for changes in content sensitivity and self-derived discerning of non-compliance with data access rights. 

Remediate access rights issues

Easy remediation to reduce risk and ensure regulatory compliance.

Why Concentric Semantic Intelligence

Dynamic monitoring and remediation of access rights to sensitive data 

Monitor for inappropriate entitlement or sharing permissions that could be in violation of regulatory and compliance requirements without any pre-defined rules. Remediate access issues with ease

Unstructured Data of Any Type - On-Premises & In The Cloud

Data can be on file shares on-premises or in cloud storage such as OneDrive, SharePoint, Google Drive,, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure.

Automatically Deep Learn and Surface Business Critical Documents

Sensitivity is often in the meaning or import behind the information.  Concentric Semantic Intelligence deep learns the content and context of your data to determine sensitivity across all categories of biz critical data - IP data, Financial Data, Business Confidential Data, and PII/PCI Data.

No Rules, No User Provided Data

Access review monitoring without requiring complex rules and upfront policies to be defined or to rely on end users to enforce appropriate access rights. 

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