Cloud Migration

Gain visibility into ALL biz critical data and reduce data risk due to inappropriate collaboration in the Cloud

Identify ALL biz critical data

Content and Context based identification of all business critical data - Business Confidential, IP, Financial, PII/PCI.  Thematic category based views.  Data Classification with minimal effort

Quantify Cloud Data Risk

Self-derive and surface high risk data through continuous monitoring for changes in content sensitivity and discerning of inappropriate collaboration

Remediate Risk and Protect

Remediate inappropriate collaboration and reduce risk either natively or through third party CASB tools

Why Concentric Semantic Intelligence

Surface high risk data and remediate with ease to reduce sensitive data loss

Monitor sensitive data for risk from in inaccurate classification, inappropriate collaboration and remediate with ease  

For Unstructured Data in any cloud environment

Data can be on of any type on any cloud storage such as OneDrive, SharePoint, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure etc. 

Automatically Deep Learn and Surface Business Critical Documents

Sensitivity is often in the meaning or import behind the information.  Concentric Semantic Intelligence deep learns the content and context of your data to determine sensitivity across all categories of biz critical data - IP data, Financial Data, Business Confidential Data, and PII/PCI Data.

No Rules, No User Provided Data

Does not require any rules,  regex, complex upfront policies or user inputs 

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